“54”is a 1998 American drama film about Studio 54, a legendary 1970s  New York City discotheque, written and directed by Mark Christopher. It stars Ryan PhillippeSalma Hayek, Breckin MeyerNeve Campbell, and Mike Myers as Steve Rubell, the club’s co-founder. The film depicts the disco club told through the eyes of a young employee Shane, played by Ryan Phillippe, a Jersey boy seduced by the club’s sex-drugs-disco allure. 

Before its release in 1998, the film was extensively reshot and recut, and then released to poor critical reaction, but somewhat respectable box office. In 2008, a bootleg version of the director’s cut was screened at Outfest, leading to interest for its release. In 2015, Christopher and Miramax premiered a new edit of the film at the Berlin International Film Festival, with 45 minutes of original material restored and 30 minutes of studio re-shoots removed.


Shane O’Shea is a young Jersey City man in the late 1970s, handsome enough to eventually become a bartender at Studio 54. He leaves behind his small-town life in New Jersey to come to New York City, and be part of the hip scene. Shane comes to Studio 54, gaining admittance by officially taking off his uncool small-town shirt. There, he befriends aspiring singer Anita and her husband, Greg Randazzo. Things between Shane, Anita and Greg develop into a love triangle and inevitably fall apart. Shane begins a real relationship with soap-opera actress Julie Black.

Shane gets sucked into the hard-partying scene at Studio 54; as his life spirals downward, so does the club. The beloved Disco Dottie dies one night, and Shane is upset and refuses to continue. Shane is fired and bounced from the nightclub in disgrace. Moments later, the FBI raids the club and arrests owner Steve Rubell for tax evasion. Shane and Julie break up but decide to remain friends.

Shane, Greg and Anita drift apart as their lives go in different directions. Years later, the three get together and go to the recently reopened Studio 54, where Rubell is hosting again for one night. They are glad to see him, but notice that he appears frail and sick.  


One of the movie soundtracks I like the most. The album is composed of great hits from the disco music era that continues to make people go dancing at nightclubs around the world. Diana Ross, Sylvester, Thelma Houston, Gary’s Gang, and Grace Jones are just examples of what we can expect from the Studio 54 volume 1 and volume 2 tracks.

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