Valentine’s Day is coming and I’ve decided to pay a tribute to love and its many ways of love remembering some of the most iconic couples in Cinema and Television of all time and their fictional love stories we couldn’t get enough of. Have a look at my special list to celebrate this romantic date, because as Beatles said “all we need is love”.

Mitchell and Cam – “Modern Family”

Mitchell and Cam are two of the most lovely gay couples in the history of TV. They are very different characters, but they are happy about their own differences in the popular American sitcom. It is interesting to see the dilemmas and victories of the two, including the adoption of Lily.

Chandler and Monica – “Friends”

Characters from the cult sitcom “Friends”, the two took almost half of the entire series to start dating. At the time, fans did not expect their involvement considering they were great friends.

Even so, they got fans all over the world, because of their good humour or complicity as a couple. In the series, they are played by Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox.

Elio and Oliver – “Call Me By Your Name”

In this acclaimed movie directed by Luca Guadagnino and released in 2018, the couple Elio and Oliver touched the hearts of a lot of people. Although they didn’t have a happy ending – and they left their supporters heartbroken, the couple is always remember for their chemistry showing age doesn’t matter when you fall in love.

“Mystery of Love” soundtrack songs by Sufjan Stevens  is as perfect as the protagonists’ acting. Elio is played by the sweet Timothée Chalamet, who rediscovers his sexual orientation alongside Oliver, a mature and seductive man played by Armie Hammer.

Shrek and Fiona – “Shrek”

Whatever the princess story, no couple will be as iconic and ‘people like us’ as Shrek and Fiona. Together since the first sequel of the film, in 2001, the ogres’ couple won a lot of fans around the world. Their romance worked so well that in the third sequel they already have children!

Anna and William – “Notting Hill”

The British rom-com depicts the story of Will who has a small bookstore in Notting Hill, where he sees Anna, a famous actress, pass by for the first time. From there, some unexpected encounters take place, but they fall in love and the odyssey of love between a famous woman and an ordinary man begins.

The moral of the story is exactly the perspective that people have of life, after all, we are ordinary people, who love, suffer and fight for their dreams.

Jack and Ennis – “Brokeback Mountain”

The two fall in love in the summer of 1963 when they go to work together in the field. It is a hard time and a difficult place for homosexual love and both are forced to marry women, but the love between them only increases. Their relationship is a reflection of the lives of many couples who suffer prejudice in society and it is worth remembering that even today there is homophobia, unfortunately.

Sheldon and Amy – “The Big Bang Theory”

After 10 years of dating, they decided to have sex. It seems absurd, but a sexless relationship can also last a long time! The purpose of these two “rare pieces” is to break with the concept of the traditional relationship and for that, they invent their own style of loving. How it has to be!

Vivian and Edward – “Pretty Woman”

She is a prostitute and he is a businessman! Edward hires Vivian’s services for a week and turns her into an elegant woman to accompany him to his events. That relationship turns to friendship, and then to love. Do they both need to overcome criticism from society to stay together and do they succeed? Of course!

Angel and Lil Papi – “Pose”

Angel and Papi start the first season of the drama series “Pose” as affectionate friends, but in the second season, all the affection and care turns into love. Undoubtedly, the couple is more beautiful in the series and carries a social responsibility to normalise and break prejudices showing the passion between a heterosexual man and a transsexual woman. I just love this lovebirds couple.

Jack and Rose – “Titanic”

Since its debut in 1997, ‘Titanic’ has been winning over and thrilling fans with the story of Jack and Rose. The two overcome the social class barrier and live an engaging romance aboard the famous Titanic. At least until the tragedy happens. Ending together or not, their love inspires many people to follow their heart’s instincts. In the feature movie, the couple is played by Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leo and Gabriel – “The way he looks”

Directed by Daniel Ribeiro, “The way he looks” (Original Title: Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho) is a Brazilian rom-com and drama film that deserves to be highlighted in this list. It tells the story of Leo and Gabriel, two adorable young men who fall in love and face their sexuality without fear. It is worth mentioning that Leo is blind, which brings up the discussion of the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Henry and Lucy – “50 First Dates”

Love is built and has to be reaffirmed every day. Despite being a difficult task, Henry and Lucy are proof that it is not impossible. Henry has to make his beloved Lucy fall in love with him every morning, as she suffers from temporary memory loss. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore play Henry and Lucy in this popular rom-com.

Nomi and Amanita – “Sense8”

Nomi is a trans woman played by Jamie Clayton. She finds all the support and companionship she needs in Amanita. The series discusses LGBTQIA++ rights, homophobia, and activism through them and they play unforgettable scenes in the series.

Danny and Sandy – “Grease”

Who has never fallen madly in love with a summer love? This is the case with Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson who meet on holiday and think they will never meet again, as Sandy has to go back to Australia with her family. However, Sandy decides to stay in the United States and proves that the love between them is meant to last much longer than a summer!

Holly and Gerry – “Ps. I love you”

Love beyond death! Even after his death, Gerry continues to rekindle the flame of love in Holly’s heart, through letters that arrive unexpectedly for her. An incredibly passionate overcoming lesson.

David and Patrick, “Schitt’s Creek”

The renowned Canadian comedy explores the tender relationship between David and Patrick, two partners in a business, in their early 30s. David takes Patrick out of the closet and they live a beautiful love story.

Landon and Jamie – “A walk to remember”

Landon is an authentic asshole until he meets Jamie and falls in love with her. What he doesn’t know is that she has leukaemia and when he finds out, instead of looking for another way, he begins to struggle to fulfil his lover’s dreams until her last day of life. Ever wonder?

Black Panther and Nakia – “Black Panther”

The first superhero film with a mostly black cast. Of course, in addition to all the relevant issues presented in the film, the love could not be left out. And it came between the hero, played by Chadwick Boseman, who controls everything but not his feelings for the independent Nakia – Lupita Nyong´o – his favourite spy.

Princess Leia & Han Solo – “Star Wars”

Talking about a fictional couple and not mentioning Princess Leia and Han Solo should be banned! During the Star Wars saga, the two live the construction of a romance with nitpicking and mutual disgust, turned into a beautiful romance! They experienced some remarkable scenes in the cinema, such as the famous “I know what I have to do”. Who knows, knows!

David and Keith – “Six Feet Under”

One of the most beautiful love relationships in the HBO drama series. In addition to discussing the difficulty of a man coming out of the closet, this storyline also discussed racism between the gay couple made up of black and white.

Sam & Molly – “Ghost”

Another classic couple from the history of cinema, Sam and Molly are the protagonists of “Ghost”, one of the most remarkable movies of the 90s. The two live in a beautiful relationship until Sam dies during an assault. However, their love is so strong that he stays close to protect her from the bad guys who are after her. The classic pottery wheel scene of the two and the song “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers, playing in the background, is unforgettable.

Marge and Homer Simpson – “The Simpsons”

The most dysfunctional and lovely couple in the history of television is part of the affective memory of billions of TV maniacs. The couple and their crazy 3 children have a legion of fans from all corners of the world who hope for their happiness and madness. Long-life for their relationship!

Fran Fine and Maxwell Sheffield – “The Nanny”

One of the most beloved sitcoms of the 90s, The “Nanny” portrayed the relationship between nanny Fran and her boss, New York’s most coveted widower, Mister Sheffield and his three children.

Callie and Arizona – Grey’s Anatomy

Callie was initially conceived as a love interest by George O’Malley, but her bisexuality became well accepted and the series explored her two romances. First, with cardiothoracic surgeon Erica Hahn and later, her marriage to pediatric surgeon Arizona Robbins that became a highly acclaimed storyline. She is also the longest-running LGBTQIA+ character in television history, appearing in 11 seasons and 239 episodes.

Do you like the list? Would you add any other famous couple in it? Please, let me know!

I hope you enjoy!

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