LGBTQ+ communities in the UK and Ireland have a good reason to celebrate. Froot, a new streaming platform, focused on bringing content for the queer community, has launched in the UK and Ireland. The service costs €3.49 a month, or €34.99 a year in Ireland (£2.99 a month, or £29.99 a year in the UK), and it offers a mixture of inclusive LGBTQ+ such as drama to comedy series, documentaries, reality and movies. The service is available through web browsers at or Froot apps for iOS and Android devices, Roku and Amazon Fire.

The catalogue will include TV programmes such as ‘Bob the Drag Queen: Live at Carolines’ and ‘House of Drag’; ‘The Whole Package’, ‘Don’t Quit Your Gay Job’ and ‘Broke Straight Boys’;  documentaries including ‘Nubia Amplified’, ‘Translation’, ‘Three Chords’ , ‘Lie’, and ‘OUTspoken’; as well as hours of movies.

Froot is a company created by OMG (OUTtv Media Group), a global provider and aggregator of original LGBTQ+ television content. OMG are already active providers of LGBTQ+ content in multiple territories including Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the US.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our territories and including the UK and Ireland as part of our market” .

Brad Danks, CEO of OMG.

OMG company believes that they have a mission to ensure LGBTQ+ content is available and easily accessible to everyone, globally.

“We’re excited not only to bring new LGBTQ+ programming to the UK and Ireland audiences, but to partner with queer producers from across the country to commission a catalogue of creative and compelling queer content.”, says Danks.

The service will be adding further content throughout the year, including ‘Trixie Mattel: Skinny Legend’, ‘Katya: Help Me I’m Dying’, and ‘Sex & Violence’.