Welcome to the TOP TV Maniac Club!

Top TV Maniac Club is a blog to dive into the world of Entertainment and Pop Culture. As a maniac for Cinema, Series, TV, Music and other stuff related to pop culture, I decided to create this channel to express my passion, discuss, celebrate, recall and share thoughts. It’s my passion, my “amused park”.

So, here’s the lowdown on how this blog and Insta gig came to be—it’s basically a result of my lifelong obsession with storytelling, fueled by the unstoppable influence of my grandma and mom. Growing up in Brazil, TV, especially those wild telenovelas, had me hooked. Like, seriously, it was a cultural rollercoaster that lit a fire in my heart.

Fast forward to my college days, diving into Social Communication, TV, and Cinema production. That journey just deepened my love for the whole Entertainment shenanigans. Over a solid ten years, I’ve been all about creating, producing, and scribbling content that hits the soul of this wild and wonderful world.

Now, you might wonder, why the ongoing party? Well, because the magic of Art and Entertainment never gets old. In this era of social media and digital stories, I felt this magnetic pull to resurrect and spice up the TOP TV Maniac Club. It’s not just a blog or an Insta handle; it’s my passion project—a mix of creative vibes hoping to snag fellow enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

So what can you expect from this TOP TV Maniac Club? Think reviews that spill the tea on the latest releases, throwback moments to the classics, backstage peeks, and a gallery of legendary characters that have graced our screens. It’s a space where TV and film lovers can gather to celebrate the magic of the small and big screen.

🌟🍿✨ So, grab your popcorn, settle into that comfy spot on your couch, and let the Top TV Maniac Club be your partner in crime in the TV and cinema scene. Whether you’re a movie buff, a TV junkie, or both, there’s a spot just for you.

Who is behind this blog!

I am originally from Brazil and I’ve been in Ireland for over 7 years. I’m into Entertainment and Pop Culture (TV Shows, Cinema, Music, Dance), Travelling, Cooking, History, Cultures and Languages, as well as Writing and Reading.

Professionally, I am an experienced Marketing Advertising Executive, Content Developer, Writer and TV and Cinema Maniac, with solid experience in Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Content Development, TV & Film Production, Copywriting, Corporate Communication & Press Office.

Alex Gonçalves

Content Creator, Writer and TV and Film Maniac

TOP TV Maniac Club

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